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Thousands of kids have been able to utilize this devotional to help get them started in their walk with Christ. With the help of Rick Beckwith, Rich Dargenio, Dave Blanco and others I have revised this devotional by adding Ten Ways to Pursue Christ as well as a brief explanation of the gospel.

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“In Young Life helping kids grow in their faith is part of our Mission Statement, and I seriously doubt any of us would disagree with that.  What we are not as good at is providing new or young believers quality, gospel-centered follow-up materials in order to help them go deeper in their newfound faith.

Brian Fletcher has written a great booklet entitled Live for Christ, to put in kids hands right after they come back from camp that will give them great direction for a life lived following Jesus Christ.  It is the best book that you could give them and I could not recommend it more highly!”     Casey Dunn, Young Life Regional Campaign Developer & Capstone Project Coordinator


“I just got back from Saranac with kids from our club and I always have the Live for Christ Devotionals on hand for follow up for kids who are ready to grow. What I like most about it, is that the format of Live for Christ teaches kids a method of Bible study – how to read, understand, and apply God’s Word.  It shows them how to look at a passage and ask the right questions. It equips them to experience Scripture for the rest of their lives.”  Rich Dargenio, Vice President,  Young Life