59: Four Benefits of Studying the Bible in Community

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April 3, 2020

58: Tim Keller on how All of Life is Repentance

All of Life is Repentance, by Tim Keller Martin Luther opened the Reformation by nailing “The Ninety-Five Theses” to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral. The very first of the theses was: “Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.” On the surface this looks a little bleak! […]

March 5, 2020

57: True Satisfaction

To find out more about Gospel-Centered Bible Study go to: www.gospelcenteredbiblestudy.com   We are all looking to be satisfied. If we are thirsty we drink water. If we are hungry we eat food. If we are looking for pleasure then well, we look to all kinds of things. Our desire to be satisfied is not […]

February 21, 2020

56 Living without Regrets

The truth is that many of us have done some pretty horrific things in life. Many of us have lived lives that were brutally selfish, lives that destroyed relationships, lives that destroyed livelihoods. Many of us have things hidden deep in the recesses of our hearts that nobody knows about and we would never, ever […]

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