50: The Alternative to Anxiety

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October 24, 2019

49: Why I’m Glad I read my Bible today

You never know what will happen when you start your day. You wake up, you have your plans, your schedule is laid out, you have a to-do list and you are off to the races. But how often does our plan get side-tracked or interrupted?   As a pastor, I’m always on call in case […]

October 4, 2019

48: What you need most

I sat with a couple of men this morning at breakfast. Men that are older than I am, which is 52. Men who have walked with God most of their lives, men who have been heavily involved in their church, men who I would consider mature in their walk with Jesus.   I asked them […]

August 4, 2019

47: God the Father Knows Best

I’m a rule follower. I may have mentioned this before. But it’s worth repeating. I don’t like jaywalking, I try to follow directions and do what I’m told. I believe that most laws are good for us and help keep order in our country. I’ll admit that I’m not always good at following speed limits […]

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