71: Is Ministry Worth it?

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March 26, 2021

70: God Wins

For those of you who have been listening to this podcast for a while then you know that I often mention my Friday morning Men’s Bible Study. This is due to the fact that I usually write the content for these podcasts on Friday morning after our Bible study. And today is no different, except […]

February 28, 2021

69 The Resurrection Gives us More than Hope

Recently I was having a conversation with some friends about the topic of hope. With so many terrible things happening in the world and in our community we were saying that everyone needs hope. We all need something to hope for especially during a time when the Covid crisis has sent shockwaves through all of […]

February 10, 2021

68 The Ultimate Wrestling Match

Jacob Wrestles with God Genesis 32:22-32   Pre-Introduction   This morning we arrive in Genesis 32 as we progress through this book of beginnings, and what we have been keying in on the book that begins God’s Covenantal promise to his people.   We’ve seen the promise start with Adam and Eve that after they […]

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